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L&P Architects 中瑞总部大厦喜获2019意大利 A‘ Design Award 银奖!


L&P Architects’ Zhengzhou Zhongrui Headquarter has won a Silver award in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category of A’ Design Award 2019.

凭借郑州中瑞总部办公项目, L&P Architects喜获2019年度意大利 A’ Design Award 建筑及结构设计类别银奖。

Project Background  项目背景

Location  项目区位

The project is a financial office building locates in the central area of New East District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is 3.5 km away from the CBD center of Zhengzhou and 1.5 km from the sub CBD of North Longhu. The site is sitting between the city main road and the waterfront of Ruyi River, enjoying better land values and views.


Inspiration  设计理念

Martin Heidegger: Dwelling is not primary inhabiting but taking care of and creating that space within which something comes into its own and flourishes. The design aims to solve the contradiction between public and private, office and entertainment, provides the city a new leisure destination.


Inspiration Sketch  初步构思草图

Built-up Concept  概念生成

The design adopts the concept of ‘Ice Crystal’, the two towers are wrapped up by shining glass walls fa?ade, making the project looks like a single building from the exterior.

在保证避免直视的距离前提下,落入两座塔楼;拉长沿河面办公体量,使得沿河景观面资源最大化;落入景观,营造多元建筑层次;通过外幕墙将原有两栋办公体量包裹,形成沿河一块巨大的 “冰晶”形象。

Form Generation  建筑形态  

Function units are allocated to two towers, with a 10/F public sunshine atrium sitting in the middle, while all are wrapped by a diamond-shaped curtain wall. The glass atrium introduces natural sunlight to the interiors, hence, connecting with the waterfront and the city roads, and will provide a huge public area for all sorts of activities. Offices and related function units such as stores, canteen, conference center, and activity rooms are placed in the two towers which have access control to guarantee privacy. Platforms have been hanged in the atrium keeping communications between two towers.


Fa?ade Design  立面设计

Crystal concept  冰晶概念草图

Oblique lines and angular surfaces dominate the fa?ade with glass curtain walls. The design stays in line with the ice crystal sitting by the waterfront concept, presenting the global vision of the corporate.


Exterior fa?ade  室外立面

Approach  空间序列

workplace spatial concept evolution  办公空间概念演变

The Challenge  创造及挑战

This is an innovated office design, there is a huge sunshine atrium which is opened to public and connecting with its surrounding, providing the user a more user friendly working environment. Most of the common areas of the atrium are separated by fireproof glass, firewall and fire shutter.


Sunshine atrium  景观生态日光中庭

Landscape Design  景观设计

The landscape scheme applies to both the west side waterfront and the sunshine atrium, together forming a wonderful public area for the users.


Waterfront landscape (source: Ecoland)  滨水空间景观空间(来源:Ecoland)

Interior Design  室内设计

Architectural scheme are integrated to the interior space design of Zhongrui Building.The huge atrium introduces natural sunlight to the interiors, breaking the boring borders and creating a harmony and interesting spacing for the users.


Interior concept evolution  室内概念演化

Concept sketch of green & sunshine atrium  日光中庭概念草图

The innovated design offers end users an effective and eco-friendly working environment. The platforms hang at the 2nd floor and 7th floor providing users spaces for social and relax.


Green & sunshine atrium  生态绿色日光中庭

Entrance lobby  入口大堂

Signage guidance  标识引导

Ground floor lift lobby  首层电梯厅

Typical lift lobby  标准层电梯厅

Project Duration  项目工期

The project was started in April 2018 and is under Detail Design Stage. It will be opened in November 2021 in Zhengzhou, China.


Project Information  项目信息

Project name: Zhengzhou Zhongrui Headquarters

Project Type: Workplace

Project location: Zhengzhou, Henan, PRC

Site area: 39,798㎡

Interior design area: 3,050㎡

Height: 45m              

Stories: 10 floors (above ground), 3 floors (basement)








Project Team  项目团队

Architectural, Interior & Overall Design Lead: L&P Architects

Design Director: Gang Li

Architectural Design Team: Chen Zhao, Ruoyu Guan, Haotin Lin, Zhihao Li, Jiong Lin, Huhui Yao

Interior Design Team: Chen Zhao, Daochao Qian, Hamp Mao, Min Huang, Xiuyun Jia

Construction Drawing: China Southwest Architectural Design & Research Institute

Fa?ade Consultant: CEC

Landscape Design: Ecoland

Lighting Design: CCW Design Consultant (Shanghai)

Transportation Consultant: AECOM

建筑及室内设计&设计总控:L&P Architects









About A' Design Award  关于 A' 设计大奖

A’ Design Award, the international design accolade is most important event in the design sector in the World. This international award is recognized by The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA) & The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA), and this is a member of   Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI) and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). A’ Design Award & Competition (designaward.com), the World’s largest and most diffused international design awards gathered designs from 99 countries in 98 different design disciplines. Entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devoted great care and attention to details while voting each entry. The competition seeks to champion the highest standards in design, advocating a better understanding and importance of design worldwide to transform the globe for a better future. 

意大利A‘设计大奖赛(designaward.com)是全球领先的国际年度设计比赛。是一项被国际平面设计协会联合会ICOGRADA、欧洲设计协会 BEDA所认可的国际赛事。同时,它也是ICSID(国际工业设计协会), ICOGRADA (国际平面设计协会)& ADI (意大利工业设计协会) 的成员组织。A’设计大奖赛是涉及国家和地区最多的设计大奖赛,参赛作品来自于99个国家和地区,98个不同的设计领域。参赛作品全部都由极具国际影响力的知名学者、著名媒体成员、创意设计专业人士和有经验的企业家组成的评审团进行公平仔细的审察,评审团都倾注了极大的精力和关心,谨慎仔细地对每件参赛作品进行评估。A'设计大奖是设计和创新的超卓象征。